FAKE NEWS: The Americans have installed the HAARP system in Romania as well

Diana Sosoaca, member of the Romanian Parliament, shouts slogans during a protest
© EPA-EFE/ROBERT GHEMENT   |   Diana Sosoaca, member of the Romanian Parliament, shouts slogans during a protest

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The HAARP system, with which the US can control the weather and cause earthquakes, has been installed in Romania, according to the pro-Russian politician Diana Şoşoacă.

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NEWS: "Right now Romania is at war [...] I remember when Clinton, I think, came to Romania, before the Euro-Atlantic integration, "Stay in the course! Stay in the course! The future is yours." I was looking at him and that rainbow made in the sky. Do you really think it appeared by chance? Those who have monopoly on meteorological phenomena rule the world.  What on Earth?! Go and read for yourselves, and see how Russians and Americans are playing with weather phenomena. Mr. General Străinu told us thousands of times. He wrote countless books about it, he was actually involved in such things. That HAARP system that we have near Corbu... When they caught me there, those army guys: "What are you doing here, Mrs. Sosoacă? I hope you are not recording. Mrs. Sosoacă, please don't cause us problems, because we love you." [...] NATO is not a defensive organization. It is an offensive organization, one that attacks. For over a year or so, we have been instigated by NATO and the United States of America to attack Russia. But when have we ever attacked someone in our lives? Why should I become an attacking state? How is it possible to think like this? How is it possible to just go and do what? Me… attack a state? Are we crazy or what? [...] We’ll just be a theater of war."

NARRATIVES: 1. The HAARP system, used to control the weather and movements of the Earth's crust, has been installed on the territory of Romania. 2. Romania is being pushed by NATO and the USA into a war with Russia.

CONTEXT:  HAARP is an American atmosphere research program, owned by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, whose operating facility is installed in Alaska. It uses a network of 180 large antennas, whose main purpose is to direct radio waves to the ionosphere, the atmospheric layer several hundred kilometers above the Earth. The system has become very popular among conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is actually being used by the US to influence weather phenomena and tectonic plate movements, causing "apparently natural" disasters such as large-scale storms or earthquakes.

In February 2023, a few days after the  devastating earthquake that killed almost 40,000 people in Turkey and Syria  and caused  more than 180 billion dollars in damage , at that time Senator Diana Şoşoacă stated, in an speech from the Parliament rostrum, that the earthquake was caused by occult forces  in order to punish the defiant attitude towards the West of the Turkish president, Recep Tayip Erdoğan.

Declared the political personality of the year 2021 by the Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik, Senator Diana Iovanovici Şoșoacă  has made herself known over time through various scandals   in which she’s been involved, but also through the promotion of theses, false narratives and pieces of disinformation very similar to those launched by Russia. Also, she has promoted  sovereignist, anti-European and anti-Ukrainian theses, while her parliamentary activity has only consisted of speeches with discriminatory, homophobic and anti-Semitic accents,  legislative initiatives that fragrantly contravene international law , as well as stands bordering on ridicule. Last November, Şoșoacă announced that Parliament would secretly renounce the country’s neutrality, after previously stating that Ukraine did not exist from a legal point of view  because its borders were not recognized by the UN and it had no agreements with its neighbors. Furthermore, the politician claimed that Ukraine attacked Romania, demanding no  less than a NATO military intervention in the neighboring state, by activating Article 5 of the Alliance treaty.

In fact, the narrative according to which Romania will be drawn into a NATO-Russia war  and Romanians will fight on the front dates back to before the start of  the Russian invasion of Ukraine . It is part of an entire arsenal of fake news and disinformation used by Moscow to justify its claims that the West is to blame for the conflict in Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the war, the Kremlin has posed as a victim of NATO and the European community, and at regular intervals it launches various false narratives into the public space, which feed the main theses that accompany its aggressive policy in Eastern Europe. Romania's military involvement in the war in Ukraine was also suggested in December 2022, through the voice of a former American officer, suspected of ties to the KGB, who stated that Romania had sent thousands of soldiers to fight in Ukraine . The narrative was also taken up by the nationalist deputy Mihai Ioan Lasca, who stated, last spring, that Romania was preparing to go to war.

PURPOSE: To deepen anti-American feelings, to promote an anti-Western discourse, to weaken trust in NATO, to provoke and amplify social tensions for electoral purposes and to increase one's own notoriety.

The "HAARP system" in Dobrogea is just a radar

WHY THE NARRATIVE IS FALSE: According to  physicist Cristian Presură, until now, there’s been no report by researchers indicating that the waves produced by HAARP could artificially produce meteorological phenomena. For example, says the Romanian researcher, "to make an artificial lightning, you need a pre-existing cloud and to generate a high concentration of electric charge in that cloud. HAARP only induces plasmonic waves into the ionosphere, which is far above the clouds (over 100 kilometers), so it’s practically impossible to properly induce and control such waves at such lower altitudes, where the clouds float.

HAARP is not a tool for producing climate change or "natural disasters", Presura also states. The total energy emitted by the system, about 3 megawatts, is far too small to produce major changes. In addition, HAARP is used intermittently, for short periods of time, during research.

It is also not capable of producing earthquakes, its power being too small: "an earthquake on the 6th Richter scale has an energy of tens of thousands of billions of joules. HAARP radio waves, reflected by the ionosphere, reach the Earth's surface with extremely low power densities of less than one milliwatt per square meter. Even the energy coming from the Sun is a few hundred watts per square meter, so hundreds of thousands of times higher than HAARP", says the physicist. In addition, radio waves of several tens of megahertz do not penetrate the Earth's crust to reach the focal area of ​​the earthquake and trigger it, they are attenuated in the ground over distances of several meters, at most several tens of meters, depending on the soil conditions.

In fact, the technological system, "installed by the USA for evil purposes", which Diana Şoşoacă talks about, and in the vicinity of which she claims she did research, without presenting any evidence, is SCOMAR,  an Integrated System for Observation, Surveillance and Control of Traffic in the Black Sea , whose role is to ensure the surveillance of the Romanian maritime borders and, implicitly, the maritime borders of the European Union. The data it collects are used by several state institutions, such as the Border Police, the Naval Forces of the Ministry of National Defense, or the Romanian Naval Authority. The facility, part of which is located near the town of Corbu in Constanţa County, came into operation at the end of August 2010. However, regardless of its nature, it could’ve not caused the rainbow invoked by Şoşoacă, during the speech given by the former American president George W. Bush (not Bill Clinton, as Diana Sosoacă said), because the event took place in 2002, so 8 years before it was put into operation. It should also be noted that the American president said "stay the course", an established expression in the English language, not "stay in the course" as Diana Șoșoacă,  wrongly again, stated.

The conclusion of this analysis was actually summarized by a response from the Ministry of Defense to a request for clarification from factual.ro: "based on the data we have at our disposal, there is no structure from the Ministry of National Defense that collaborates with University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Geophysics as part of the HAARP Project. The radars in Dobrogea are part of the architecture of Romania's national defense system."

As regards the claim that Romania is forced to go to war with Russia, it should be mentioned that, as a full member of NATO, our country's reactions are only in accordance with the policy of the Alliance and consist in strengthening the posture of deterrence and defense on its eastern flank. NATO has repeatedly stated that it does not want to get involved in the war in Ukraine, being careful to avoid any possible incident with Russian forces. It has, however, pressured Moscow with sanctions and supplied Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, humanitarian aid and funds. A potential Russian attack on Romanian territory would only be the consequence of the policy of aggression carried out by Moscow, and Bucharest cannot be blamed for increasing its defensive capabilities.

We cannot conclude, however, without mentioning that the non-aggression policy of the Romanian state invoked by the MEP had countless setbacks throughout history, if we recall the "adventures" of the Romanian army through the Balkans, Budapest or Odesa, in the first half of the last century. We can even talk about an attack on foreign territory (albeit legitimate) including in the War of Independence, or the multitude of mutual battles and invasions between Moldavia and Wallachia, spanning over a period of approximately three centuries. In the same way, the neutrality that Diana Şoşoacă refers to with so much pathos has not existed for decades, as our country has been a member of NATO for two decades. But even before that, the aura of neutrality was shattered by the accession to the Warsaw Treaty, as well as by the military alliances during the two world wars, etc. In fact, the entire history of modern Romania is linked to partisanship and alliances with other states.

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