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DISINFORMATION: The West wants to subjugate Moldova and other ex-Soviet states

External interference and safeguarding sovereignty are problems facing all countries in ex-Soviet space, Igor Dodon says. Moldova

FAKE NEWS: The European Commission “cancels” Christmas and bans the use of the Christian name “Mary”

In Europa vietato dire "Natale" e perfino chiamarsi Maria , Orwell de Bruxelles: Comisia Europeană omoară Crăciunul și îi interzice pe Maica Domnului și pe Sfântul Ioan Romania

FAKE NEWS: Omicron variant, made up to impose a global dictatorship

Operation Omicron: Conspirators of the Great Reset start the Second World Covid

DISINFORMATION: Moscow is rallying troops on the Ukrainian border in order to defend itself against a possible NATO aggression

When “Javelin” and “Stinger” bring misfortune: the USA is pushing Ukraine towards a war with Russia Ukraine

FAKE NEWS: The EU Association Agreement is detrimental to Moldova

Europe is not buying: Moldova asks for free access for its products to Russia Moldova