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Veridica’s team collects fake news and disinformation narratives from Central and Eastern Europe, storing them in our database. This is meant to help you identify manipulative discourses circulated in the public sphere and to always keep you properly informed.

Date Title Sources Country

WAR PROPAGANDA: Only Russian speakers from eastern Ukraine are mobilized in order to exterminate them

Source: in Ukraine, residents of Russian-speaking regions are mobilized without exception Russia

DISINFORMATION: A blackout will sweep Romania during the holidays so that patriots can be assassinated


WAR PROPAGANDA: Moscow shows restraint when bombing Ukraine because it knows the population doesn’t support the neo-Nazi government

Russia's restraint in the strikes against Ukraine was explained in the United States

FAKE NEWS: The Government in Chisinau wants to force Moldova’s entry into NATO

Maia Sandu does not care about the opinion of the people: Moldova has already joined NATO with one foot

FAKE NEWS: Already conquered by the West, Romania lets itself be trampled upon by Ukraine

Former Romanian Prime Minister: "When Zelenski sneezes, our people in Bucharest catch a cold." We act like servants"